In the Beginning

My new project 1963 Beetle

1963 beetle project


I got this Bug from a guy in one of the townships near my hometown. He advertised the car for sale, but when I phoned him he told me it’s his dad’s car and it’s not for sale any more. A month or so later I decided to ring him up again (just in case, you know..). He then told me that the original ad was placed incorrectly and the real price was actually twice what it was advertised for.

I went to have a look and saw that the car was in a relatively bad shape, but with minimal attention could be brought back to life. We quibbled a bit and finally settled on a price, fortunately not so extravagant!! In fact it was not far from the original price, and would also give him a substantial bonus if he got me the papers

The seller was convinced that the car was running, only needed the some odds and ends. I also asked for the licence and papers of the car (which he said got lost, but he already applied for new ones). Sure he did, nudge nudge wink wink! So, I told him that I he phoned me up and gave me the papers I’d include a substantial bonus.

And so I rescued this little guy from the wind, sun and rain and called him Nommer7 (Number 7).

But to my surprise, he did call me a month or two later asking me to come fetch the papers (and to please remember the bonus that I promised). And everything was in order! Although I knew this car had a lot of work in it, it was starting to look like it was a real bargain that I got.

And then one fine Saturday morning, I had to find out the truth. Will this baby go? I bought fuel and I just put the fuel line from the pump directly in the fuel can, connected the car to a battery, and started to churn the engine. Over and over it went, and just suddenly and without any other warning the engine ran!!!!!!! As you can guess, I was totally overwhelmed. I, quite literately, couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for days.

Well this is what he looked like back then. (Ugly little bugger, but that was soon to change. My plans are set in motion). To view a gallery of what is happening with Nommer7 at the moment go here.

1963 Bug project

First to go were those ugly plastic hubcaps! Couldn’t stand the sight of them.


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