Engine in!

Today I got the engine in! I feel  quite stupid because it seems that the only problem was the splines that did not align properly. Next time I’ll keep that in mind.

Beetle Engine, 1600TP Engine

1600TP Engine


Anyway, the engine is in and I started scratching around with the wiring. Got some wiring diagrams from the net and started crimping some wires. The cars wiring is a mess and at best it looks like a crows nest pretty much everywhere. I’m not sure where these pics below originated but is was quite helpful.

Generator-800 824851

The next step would be oil and then getting an exhaust fitted. I have an exhaust and would fit it as soon as possible.

The moment the car starts and runs smoothly, I’ll start making it better by doing the wiring neatly over and paying some attention to the interior.

Wish I had more time (and money) to spend on this fella.

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