Steering clear!

As you wind along the roads of life, it takes you on some unexpected twists and turns. So what is the best thing to do?? … Your steering of course!


Time to fix up the steering wheel, my steering wheel is full of holes, cracks and other general nasties. First off, what do I use to get those cracks and dimples fixed?? I ran over to our local hardware store to get some Pratley Steel(from now on “PS”). Apparently this is the stuff to get this job done. Seeing that this is the first time I try to fix the steering wheel I didn’t quite know what to expect.


First off I inspected the steering wheel to decide where to put in all the goob. Some of the smaller holes I made a bit bigger to get more of stuff in so that it doesn’t come out with the first mention of sand paper. Now I cracked open the PS and started working it in all the holes and cracks. I always slap on a little more than needed. At this stage it didn’t worry too much about the excessive use of the PS, because I know the sanding is coming.

After all the holes, cracks and dimples have been filled, I roughly sanded it (Very little!!) with 300 grit sand paper. This is just to take off the excessive PS. When doing jobs like this I am very conservative in using abrasives, that is why I only used a little of the 300 grit sand paper. Now came the real sanding. I took out my 1200 grit sand paper and worked off all the filled places, smoothing it off very finely.


Chances are, after you did this the first time and you finished the sanding, you will see more spots needing even more PS. Just do it! Again! And even a third time if need be.


After all the filling and sanding, out came the spray can. I used Rustoleum paint. Excellent paint with a nice gloss, and it will most probably hold for a good few years to come.


This whole job took me about a Saturday morning to complete, and it is quite rewarding because it brightens up the whole inside of my little car. It’s not one of those jobs that takes you forever and you don’t even notice it when it is done.

Steering Wheel restore

Steering Wheel restore

Nou ja toe, ’til next time.

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