What lies beneath…

I knew this day would come sooner or later. It came sooner.

It all started when I decided to do something about my engine running a little too hot for my liking. I thought to address the issue by firstly plugging all the holes in the tinware, secondly making sure all the rubbers were in place. And then disaster struck…

When the time came to put in the engine rubber around the engine, I saw there was no channel to fit it in. It seems that the previous dude took out the apron and at a later stage decided it was a shitty idea and welded  some sheet metal in there (sheet indeed!). The whole apron was a mess, even without looking at the rust situation. I knew the car had some issues in the backside, but this was serious (according to me).

Rear Apron


Anyway, the apron had to be replaced. Time for cutting! Now at long last we’ll see what lurks beneath. I assumed the worst, and unfortunately was not surprised when it came off. To put you in the picture, if you tugged on the rear bumper, the whole rear of the car was jiggling. I tell you, this bug’s twerking was better than any Miley, if you went through a ditch or a bump!

When I started cutting away the apron I found that the whole apron, fenders, and bumper were welded together! All welded onto the body of the bug.


The bumper still had to be cut loose.



Also found in mix were some other bolts and junk also welded in there, to hopefully make the structure more ridged. But NOOOO!

We concluded this exercise by cutting loose the bumper and at the end we sat with a product that looked like this.


Well that is all for now, speak to you again.




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