What lies beneath…the next chapter.

Junk welded in there, with the hope of securing the rear. Bad move!

Junk welded in there, with the hope of securing the rear. Bad move, dude!

Now that I can see what is going on underneath the car, we can make a better assessment of where we need to repair. But the damage in quite extensive. The guy that worked on the car before me made quite a mess of the whole rear of the car. Oh, what a balls-up!! He welded everything together…EVERYTHING!! Including the bumpers, and he even threw in a few extra pieces of iron rod and extra bolts in the hope of keeping the structure more ridged.


After inspection, the verdict was that every thing had to come off. We had to cut off the whole of the rear. (After which it looked like a Baja in progress). But it’s not just for cutting…


NR_36Before we could cut the rear of the car we had to remove the triangle plates in the engine bay. Furthermore, it had to be done so that we could use it again. It had to be attached back in the engine bay onto the new panels and rear valence. We removed one of these little panels quite successfully, the other one not so very much 🙁 . In the end we used both of the plates we removed from the donor car. These ones were just too rusted up.



Before we started cutting the panel, we had to find as many reference points as possible in order to duplicate the cut on the donor car as accurately as possible. Measure twice! ..or thrice.. or more. We used the fender holes as reference, got reference points at the top and at the bottom and drew the line before cutting.  And at the end the product looked like this..

Rear of the bug cut off.

Rear of the bug cut off.

As you can see, this looks horrible. As a total novice that never did any body work before you could imagine the turmoil in my guts seeing my Precious like this. I have to admit, I was very sceptical of success at this stage and was almost prepared to start preparing myself mentally for a Baja bug.

Anyway, read on as the adventure unfolds.






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